A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Under Purgatory is a twin stick shoot em up with emphasis on combos and manipulating our greatest enemy, time, to work your way up the highscore table!

Start game with "F" restart after scoring with "Enter"

Move: WASD or cursor
Mouse: Aim
Fire: Mouse Left click or 'F'

Move: Left analogue
Aim and Fire: Right analogue

For Procjam i have decided to work on a certain part of the game designing a playable bullet maze sequence to challenge the player.

I created a simple loop for the Jam, the bullet maze and shot patterns, speed and quantities increase as the player loops the maze. The maze itself is created by a growing tree algorithm, first generating the map walls and extending out into blockwise geometry. The bit maze is then converted into waves of bullets that cage in the player, contributing to my idea of BULLET HELL.

Made for fans of Shmups, Treasure, Gunstar Heroes, Radiant silvergun, Gradius V, Alien Soldier style boss patterns.

WARNING - Giant enemy crabs have weak spots too.. and there are likely to be bugs due to a fast turnaround. Please treat this as a visual experiment rather than finished game, and it will be continuously developed in the next few months.

This is a small part of the final work in progress, the gameplay elements aren't fully developed and have been created for the purpose of the Jam. The final game will use the section in a very different way. And i'm looking forward to sharing that with you in the near future, but i do hope you enjoy, and check out the other Jam entries, and my other games.


Install instructions

Unzip and Double-click the Mac dmg file to run the game. Control with keyboard or a 360 and ps3 pad.


UnderPurgatoryPC.zip 23 MB
UnderPurgatoryMAC.zip 23 MB