The Burning Rose v1.3

Artwork, sfx, code courtesy of Grandtraindelta, @grandtraindelta
Most excellent music courtesy of Gnarcade, @Gnarcade_VGM
@krajzeg for the pico8 controller script

V 1.4 Changes
-Gamepad support on modern browsers. Plug a 360 pad in a get shooting!

V 1.3 Changes
-Added more highscore UI
-Added extra name entry characters and a space option when you select *

V 1.2 Changes
-Added Autobomb mode. Press left/right at the title screen. Bombs detonate when player is hit, allowing you to get further although your score is reduced by 10% before the combo multiplies it.
-Allow player to move during the intro animation as the jets are cooling down.

V 1.1 Changes
-Fixed scoring bug that didn't allow you to enter the high score entry.


Born from a love of Ghibli, animation, 8bits, blue sky gaming, Sega score chasing and flying on a breeze. This is a sketch of an idea and an adventure into pico8 development for a first time pico8 and Lua newbie in order to get to grips with the platform. And have tried to design something that suits the limitations and complements Pico8.

The burning rose is a action shmup game of tense combo chaining and score driven gameplay. Coupled with end game resource management and survival. The session time is low, requiring little time investment for the player. I have tried to design a quick open ended scoring system for longevity, with the emphasis on maximization. One hit kills and quick restart make it ideal for one more go arcade style play.


Pilot the Burning Rose through a finite barrage of 500 missiles using only 500 of your own shots to cut a path. Each missile is worth one point. Destroying two missiles without a single missile leaving the screen starts a combo. Keep the chain going and your final score will be multiplied by your highest chain of your run. Push your chaining ability to the limit to make your way onto the local top pilot ranking!

In one run you're given 3 bombs. Use them defensively to get out of a tight situation and avoid death. Or use them aggressively to maintain a chain and link stray missiles.



Z - Accept/select
X - Back
Arrows - navigate up and down

In Gameplay:

Z - Hold to fire
X - Smart bomb
Arrows - Movement


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I loved the music and I really liked the art , the chain system is really great but the game can get pretty repetitive you should lower the number of the enemy killed needed to advance or at least add a live system either way this game has a lot of potential

Fun game! Love the music!

Thanks alot glad you enjoyed it!

Cool! Enjoyed playing it. The chain system is a nice touch. Good music too.